Importance of Nursing Shoes

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Let’s admit it; nursing shoes are not the prettiest to look at. They sometimes come in dull colors and very thick soles capable of adding a few inches to your height. Nonetheless, the importance of these best nursing shoes cannot be overemphasized. These shoes are capable of providing the necessary comfort and safety needed during shifts.

Nursing students and registered nurses are aware of the stress that comes with the nursing profession. Nurses spend the most part of their shifts (which is usually 8-12 hours or more) on their feet; running, walking or standing. It is only fair that special attention is paid to such a vital part of the body with proper foot care practices and wearing the right shoes on the job. Let’s take a look at some importance of nursing shoes.

  • Nursing shoes are designed specifically for nurses; their long working hours and stress are put into consideration during construction of the shoes. With their special design, they provide relief from stress, pain and other issues that may arise on the job. Normal shoes do not offer this much level of comfort and safety so using them during shifts may result to pain and strain.
  • In most healthcare environments, a nurse is required to put on the full nursing regalia which include the shoe. So in most cases and hospitals around the world, nurses are obligated to wear nursing shoes. This does not only provide them comfort and safety; it also makes them look clean and professional.
  • Nursing as a profession requires agility and fitness. The job is filled with so much activity; there’s hardly a dull moment. For this reason, nurses require shoes that can keep up with their busy shifts without giving way. These shoes are durable and provide the necessary comfort needed to live through the most stressful of shifts.
  • Sick people are brought to hospitals to be treated and get better but a hospital is not the neatest of places. Nurses have to work in this environment that is filled with bacteria, occasional contact with blood and other things like chemicals. For this reason, nurses need protection from these things so they don’t fall sick themselves. The materials used in making nursing shoes make them impervious to liquids that could spill on them, making the feet safe.

Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare industry. They assist the doctor and also watch over the patients. We appreciate this set of people and want them to have good health just the way they want the same for us.


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